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Be Sure with BlueStar

Ensure you’re choosing a vehicle that’s worth the investment.

It can be risky to purchase a used vehicle. It’s a major financial investment in something you’ll need to be reliable and dependable for years to come. The team at BlueStar truly believes in our mission to reduce the risk you face when purchasing a used vehicle. When you buy a BlueStar Inspected vehicle, you get an in-depth understanding of the current condition of the vehicle, giving you security and peace of mind in your purchase.

How The Report Is Generated:

Step One

Step 1

The vehicle is taken to a BlueStar Certified Inspection Station.

Step Two

Step 2

The BlueStar Certified Inspection Station performs our signature 50-category, 200 point inspection on the vehicle.

Step Three

Step 3

The BlueStar Inspection Report is then posted online, where you can locate the report by entering the last six digits of the vehicle’s VIN.

Step Four

Step 4

The BlueStar Report includes inspection points marked as “Acceptable” or “Needs Attention” allowing you to make an informed decision about purchasing the vehicle.