Mechanical Condition Report

Based on BlueStar’s 225+ point inspection


BlueStar is an independent inspection company.

BlueStar has no affiliation with the vehicle buyer or seller.

  • VIN: 1GT424E83FF102173
  • MODEL Sierra 3500HD
  • YEAR 2015
  • MILES 225,633


  • Kevin D
  • 35 yrs experience - ASE, safety, emissions certified
  • 3,656 BlueStar Inspections

Industry Awards (11)

  • Ideal Vehicle Award: Heavy Duty Pickup (Auto Pacific)
  • Highest Satisfaction: Popular Brand (Auto Pacific)
  • Most Ideal Popular Brand (Auto Pacific)
  • Motorist Choice Awards (AutoPacific/Intellichoice)
  • Top Recommended Trucks (Edmunds)
  • Performance and Design: Highest Ranked in Large Heavy Duty Pickup Segment (J.D. Power and Associates)
  • Best Resale Value: Full-Size Pickup (Kelley Blue Book)
  • Brand Image Awards: Most Refined Brand (Kelley Blue Book)
  • Truck of the Year: Contender (Motor Trend)
  • Best CPO Value in America: Truck Brand (Vincentric)
  • Best Value in America: Pickup Trucks (Vincentric)

Inspection Checklist

  • Passed
  • See Details Detailed Explanation of Failing Observation

Test Drive

  • Test Drive

Safety / Vision

  • Warning Lights / Messages (TPMS, SES, ABS, SIRS, other) See Details
  • Safety Systems / Horn(s) / Airbags / Seat Belts
  • Glass / Washers / Wiper Blades See Details
  • Exterior Lighting / Lights See Details

Fuel / Emissions / Exhaust

  • Emissions Control System / OBD2 Readiness Monitors See Details
  • Engine Air Filter / Air Intake / Vacuum Systems
  • Fuel Filler / Cap
  • Fuel System / Fuel Filter
  • Exhaust System / Muffler / Catalytic Converter

HVAC / Cooling

  • Heater / Air Conditioning / Blower Fan
  • Cooling System / Radiator / Hoses
  • Water Pump
  • Electric Cooling Fan / Fan Clutch

Wheels / Tires / Brakes

  • Parking Brake System
  • Spare Tire / Jack / Lug Wrench / Hardware
  • Tire Wear / Condition Front
  • Tire Wear / Condition Rear
  • Tire Rotation
  • Brake System / Hoses / Lines Front
  • Brake System / Hoses / Lines Rear

Steering / Suspension

  • Wheel Bearings Front / Rear
  • Shocks / Struts / Suspension System Front
  • Shocks / Struts / Suspension System Rear
  • Ball Joints / Control Arms Upper / Lower
  • Steering Linkage / Tie-Rods See Details
  • Stabilizer Bar / Links / Bushings
  • Power Steering System / Steering Gear


  • Drivetrain / Engine / Transmission / Clutch Operation
  • Transmission / Motor Mounts
  • Universal Joints Axle / Driveshaft
  • CV Axles / Joints / Boots Inner / Outer
  • AWD / 4x4 / Transfer Case Operation
  • Differential Operation

Ignition / Electrical

  • Battery / Cables Condition
  • Accessory Drive / Serpentine Belt
  • Starting System
  • Spark Plugs / Ignition System

Body / Frame / Exterior / Interior

  • Dash / Displays / Entertainment / Navigation / Security & Info Systems
  • Intelligent / Smart Systems
  • Interior lighting / Courtesy Lights
  • Glove Box / Storage Compartment / Cup Holders
  • Interior / Power Accessories See Details
  • Door(s) / Gate / Hood / Hatch / Handles & Latches
  • Hood / Gate / Hatch / Trunk / Deck Lid Support
  • Body / Body Component / Weatherstrip / Moldings
  • Trunk / Rear Compartment
  • Engine Compartment
  • Frame / Undercarriage
  • Environmental Damage

Fluid Leaks / Level / Condition

  • Coolant Level / Condition / Protection / PH
  • Engine Oil Level / Condition See Details
  • Brake Fluid Level / Condition
  • Clutch Fluid Level / Condition
  • Power Steering Fluid Level / Condition
  • Transmission Fluid Level / Condition
  • Fluid Leaks See Details
  • Front Differential Fluid Level / Condition
  • Rear Differential Fluid Level / Condition
  • Transfer Case Fluid Level / Condition



Engine Oil

Full Dirty

Transmission Fluid

Acceptable Acceptable

Power Steering Fluid

Full Acceptable


Full Acceptable

Brake Fluid

Acceptable Acceptable

Transfer Case Fluid

Full Acceptable

Front Differential Fluid

Full Clean

Rear Differential Fluid

Full Acceptable


Engine Air Filter


Cabin Air Filter

Not Inspected

Not inspected due to accessibility


Battery # 1


Battery # 2



Monitor Status


Tires and Brakes

Driver Front

14/32 inch
10/32 inch

Driver Rear

14/32 inch
7/32 inch

Passenger Front

14/32 inch
10/32 inch

Passenger Rear

14/32 inch
7/32 inch


  • Passed
  • Safety
  • Emissions
  • Other
  • Additional Info

Safety / Vision

Inspection Point
Inspector Comments
Warning Lights / Messages (TPMS, SES, ABS, SIRS, other)

Warning light / message on dash is on.

(Service driver assist system message on dash is on.)

Glass / Washers / Wiper Blades

Windshield has bullseye rock chip.

(Single bullseye rock chip,Advise welding before spreads,Driver’s side middle area. Also one on passenger side middle area.)

Mirror glass is damaged or not secure.

(Left is damaged/broken,Bottom mirror. )

Exterior Lighting / Lights

Brake light does not function properly.

(3rd (center) is completely inoperative)

License plate light does not function properly.

(Right inoperative)

Fuel / Emissions / Exhaust

Inspection Point
Inspector Comments
Emissions Control System / OBD2 Readiness Monitors

Emissions (VECI) label is torn and half missing

Steering / Suspension

Inspection Point
Inspector Comments
Steering Linkage / Tie-Rods

Steering linkage component has advisable play.

(Right,Moderate,Can feel and see movement in the right idler arm. Advise replacing and then recheck front end components to make sure they are tight.)

Body / Frame / Exterior / Interior

Inspection Point
Inspector Comments
Interior / Power Accessories

Power sun / moon roof does not function properly.


Fluid Leaks / Level / Condition

Inspection Point
Inspector Comments
Fluid Leaks

There appears to be a minor active fluid leak. It should just be monitored at this time.

(Transfer case fluid,This is somewhat normal for a vehicle of this age and/or mileage)

Inspection photos

Inspection Point
Inspector Comments

Undercarriage front

Undercarriage rear

Undercarriage middle


Interior front

Interior rear


Exterior front

Exterior rear

Exterior passenger side

Exterior driver side


Engine compartment


Left front tire

Right front tire

Left rear tire

Right rear tire


Inspection Point
Inspector Comments
Positive vehicle performance characteristics

Vehicle performed well on the test drive

Heater and air conditioning performed well

4x4 functioned well in all ranges

Frequently removed, lost or misplaced item present at the time of inspection

Owner's manual

Positive test results at time of inspection

Battery passed the health test and terminals are free from corrosion

Brake fluid water content tests acceptable

Coolant temperature protection level tests acceptable


Inspection Comments

All safety components of this vehicle were marked "acceptable" at the time of inspection.

At the time of inspection, all on-board diagnostic (OBD) readiness monitors were ready, the check engine light was operational with key on but not illuminated with engine running, and emissions components were marked "acceptable."

Seller Comments

This vehicle has new cabin and engine air filters. We also changed the oil.