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Our mission at BlueStar Auto Inspections is to reduce the risk involved in purchasing a used vehicle. Our network of nationwide certified mechanics is dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased, extensive inspections of used vehicles, thereby allowing buyers peace of mind, and sellers the advantage of offering a vehicle that can be trusted. Gone are the days of having to rely solely on the claims of the seller or dealership salesperson, or striving to reassure a buyer that a vehicle is in good condition. Used vehicle buyers and sellers can now rely on BlueStar to take the guesswork out of buying and selling used vehicles.



Beyond the
Car’s History

Companies such as CarFax and AutoCheck do a great job of providing the history of a used vehicle by answering questions such as: was the vehicle flooded, was the odometer tampered with, was the vehicle in an accident, was the vehicle used in a fleet, and so on. A BlueStar Inspection Report is completely different, as it provides information on the current mechanical condition of the vehicle such as the condition of the brakes, alternator, CV joints, and many more vital components of the vehicle.

To reduce the risk of needing costly repairs soon after purchase, never buy a used vehicle without first reviewing the BlueStar Inspection Report.

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Inspection Shops

For a mechanic or repair shop to become BlueStar Certified, they must have been in business at least three years, be in good standing with the better business bureau and/or other review forums, and have at least one mechanic on staff that has been ASE Certified. BlueStar conducts a formal site visit and onsite training session with each shop and interviews the manager or owner. Inspection shops are monitored and must uphold BlueStar standards of professionalism. BlueStar limits the number of Certified Inspection Stations in any given zip code and seeks to admit only the highest quality mechanics and repair shops.

If you are a mechanic or repair shop that meets the above requirements and would like to apply for BlueStar Certification, please contact us.  There is no cost to become a BlueStar Certified Inspection Station. However, shops must pass BlueStar’s qualification process and remain in good standing.

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Independent 45 Category
Vehicle Inspection

The BlueStar Report covers the current condition of 45 key categories of the vehicle which include inspection of more than 150 mechanical components such as brakes, exhaust, suspension, hoses, and much more.  Each component is inspected by a BlueStar Certified Inspection Station and marked as either “Acceptable” or “Needs Attention.” Use the results of the BlueStar Inspection Report to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a used vehicle.

Make Buying Easy

Buying a used vehicle is a major financial decision that entails a great deal of risk. Purchasing a used vehicle in poor condition may lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in costly repairs. BlueStar gives you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase, and may save you a great deal of money.