Our mission at BlueStar is simple.

We reduce the risk involved in purchasing or selling a used vehicle.

Beyond a car’s history

Companies such as CarFax and AutoCheck do a great job of providing the history of a used vehicle, but do not tell you the current condition of the car or if it is in need of repairs. Information provided by the parties includes the following:

  • Was this vehicle reported to be in accident or flooded?
  • Has the odometer been tampered with?
  • Reported service records.
  • Was the vehicle used in a rental pool or fleet?
  • Reported service records.
  • Number of prior owners.

The BlueStar Report

Get the transparency you need when buying and selling used vehicles.

  • Is the vehicle leaking fluids?
  • Is the water pump functioning properly?
  • Are the brake pads low?
  • Are the battery and cables in good condition?
  • Does the car need new tires?
  • Are the alternator and charging system functioning properly?
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What sets our Current Condition Report above the rest?

The BlueStar Current Condition Report covers more than 200 mechanical and maintenance components such as brakes, exhaust, suspension, hoses, fluids and much more.

Inspections are performed by BlueStar Certified Inspectors. The BlueStar Current Condition Report can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a used vehicle.

Say goodbye to “Buyer Beware”! Say hello to “BlueStar”! We will take the guesswork out of buying, selling, and maintaining used vehicles.

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